Thursday, 3 October 2013

Is your wardrobe ready to POP?!

It’s not easy being a SMOG. What is a SMOG I hear you cry? Well, um, actually it is a 'smug mother of girls’. My mum told me about the phrase after reading it in The Daily Mail (so it must be true). I assume it means that typically girls are perceived as being less trouble than boys – after all ‘boys will be boys’ (whatever that means!).

Jo and George from 'POP'
Of course it’s a load of rubbish. I might not have to regularly break up Star Wars re-enactments that have got woefully out of hand – or visit A&E with broken bones from tree climbing, skate boarding and roughhousing (again, whatever that means), but girls come with their own foibles and challenges. And a lot of girls also break bones, love Star Wars and can throw a punch like a heavyweight (I include myself in that last category, so leave a comment on this blog or I’ll send myself round!!!).

One of the major issues with raising my girls has been clothes. It’s fair to say that my younger daughter was known far and wide for her love of tutus. It didn’t matter if it was cold, if we were knee-deep in mud or actually at a ballet class, a certain ‘Hello Kitty’ tutu was always part of her outfit. I had to wash it nearly every day to keep up. Her elder sister can be just as obsessive – she has been through phases of only wearing pink, only wearing t-shirts that don’t cover her tummy, refusing to wear long-sleeved items unless they are under a shorter sleeved one (?) and is currently a trousers-only girl on the basis that tights are annoying (yes, they are).

Apparently boys wear clothes too...
So perhaps unsurprisingly, our wardrobes tend to have items that are well-loved-but-way-too-small-that-cannot-ever-be-thrown-out and items that have been rejected completely because of colour, fit, fabric, sleeve-length or some such nonsense. This means a lot of clothes that still have plenty of life left in them are grown out of  – and that I’m not keen on buying new clothes unless I know my girls are going to wear (and wear and wear) them.

Well, a girl can never have too many shoes - am I right?

The solution? Decent second hand clothes sales! And specifically the ‘POP’ ones run by local mums Jo and George (sales take place in Hare Hatch and Wargrave). Before the sale I take along my barely worn but lovely children’s clothes to be priced up and hung on the rails – and during the sale I take along my two little angels to select items to their own (albeit peculiar) tastes. At the end I get a little money and I spend a little money. My girls get clothes they’ll wear – and someone else’s children get to wear the items mine have spurned. It’s a win/win situation!

Girls Rule and Boys Drool!!
And while you have just missed the last children’s sale (silly moo, like it on Facebook now so you don’t slip up again) – you can take advantage of the duo’s first sale of Ladies clothes and accessories on October 15th. I’ll be taking along some items that still have the price tag on (oh, I’ve just realised where my girls get their ridiculous behaviour from) – and hoping to nab a few new winter wardrobe pieces at purse-friendly prices!!

Were you at POP this time round? Or was your wardrobe?! Show these local lovelies your support by commenting below...

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